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Uri Shani is a leading Strategic Consultant and crisis manager based on his distinct perspective and vast experience, managing groundbreaking processes both in the public and business sectors.


Shani is known for his extensive experience in Israeli national politics.

In the public sector, Shani was appointed Director-General of the Prime Minister’s Office in 2001 which entailed operating in many fields including policy change, the economy, and leading large-scale national projects.


Shani served as a close political Strategic advisor to former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. He was a significant part of many campaigns including coalition negotiator on behalf of Member of the Knesset Yair Lapid and his Party Yesh Atid.


Currently, a business consultant acting as a senior advisor to dozens of leading businesses in Israel and abroad. He has served as CEO in various businesses including Shikun Ovdim and Arison Investments Group.

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