Pete is a global political expert who specializes in understanding and navigating public opinion directly advised and provided strategic research for the successful campaigns of six United States Senators, three US Governors, and over a dozen heads of state and governments worldwide.


In 2018, his work included helping two Senators comfortably win their re-elections, gubernatorial wins in Minnesota and Rhode Island, and independent expenditure work that helped win 9 new Congressional seats.

His international clients have included President Santos of Colombia, President Medina of the Dominican Republic, President Yar’Adua of Nigeria, President Arroyo of the Philippines, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom.

Unlike most firms, Pete's team works on both domestic and international projects. That means his mix of experiences informs all of his work, from work against authoritarian governments, to work in areas where the media environment is in constant flux.

Because his core role is communications advisor, he stays at the cutting edge of behavioral science as well as statistical techniques. He has done so for years and lectured both in the US and abroad on how to apply behavioral science to understand elections – including a mid-2016 presentation where we showed how Donald Trump could win, based on viewing his campaign through the prism of behavioral science.

Pete's services include Opinion research - all forms from qualitative through “big data”, Gaming out competitive scenarios, Message Development: positive, defense, offense, Debate preparation, Ad testing, Honing policy platforms into effective communications, Media allocation and targeting, Reputation & Brand Development, Strategy team building, Communications advice – strategic, crisis, rapid response.