Michelle McGrorty is a nationally recognized political strategist who has been working in politics for over 20 years. Her areas of expertise include campaign management, coalition building, training, fundraising, leadership development, strategic messaging, and paid media.  

Her extensive experience includes working with campaigns across the country as well as working for elected leaders at the local, gubernatorial, and congressional levels.


She has also held leadership positions in political advocacy committees, political party committees, and non-profit organizations, including EMILY’s List, the country’s largest resource for women in politics.  

She has helped elect dozens of women to the offices of mayor, state legislator, governor and congress.

Her work has taken her around the world to train women running for office in Eastern Africa as well as work in Eurasia to develop political parties and monitor elections.  

She is currently working on a project that will provide cross-cultural women’s leadership development around the world, with the goal of helping elect more women to public office globally.