A renowned international political strategist. In the business for over 20 years, Asaf Eisin has lead and has been involved in dozens of election campaigns around the world, gaining unrivaled skills in top-level political consulting and crisis management. He has lead presidential, national, state, local, and primary election campaigns and referendums on three continents, working closely with more than 20 heads of state. 

Eisin started his political engagement in Israel, as a student and activist, co-initiating a grassroots nationwide political movement of two hundred thousand students. He then joined a group of young enthusiasts, and together they lead a legendary election campaign to unseat the incumbent Prime Minister of Israel. From then on he joined a company founded by some of the best American political consultants at the time, following that with the founding of his own agency. 

Eisin has extensive experience in strategic public opinion research and message development, building dedicated and tailor-made election teams, creating and overseeing disciplined media and communication executions across various platforms. He also works closely with leaders and candidates around the world, to excel in their personal performance.